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gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP Class Reference

#include <op_encodings.hh>

Inheritance diagram for gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP:
gem5::VegaISA::VEGAGPUStaticInst gem5::GPUStaticInst gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_BARRIER gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_BRANCH gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_CBRANCH_CDBGSYS gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_CBRANCH_CDBGSYS_AND_USER gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_CBRANCH_CDBGSYS_OR_USER gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_CBRANCH_CDBGUSER gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_CBRANCH_EXECNZ gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_CBRANCH_EXECZ gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_CBRANCH_SCC0 gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_CBRANCH_SCC1 gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_CBRANCH_VCCNZ gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_CBRANCH_VCCZ gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_DECPERFLEVEL gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_ENDPGM gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_ENDPGM_SAVED gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_ICACHE_INV gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_INCPERFLEVEL gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_NOP gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_SENDMSG gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_SENDMSGHALT gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_SET_GPR_IDX_MODE gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_SET_GPR_IDX_OFF gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_SETHALT gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_SETKILL gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_SETPRIO gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_SLEEP gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_TRAP gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_TTRACEDATA gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_WAITCNT gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP__S_WAKEUP

Public Member Functions

 Inst_SOPP (InFmt_SOPP *, const std::string &opcode)
 ~Inst_SOPP ()
int instSize () const override
void generateDisassembly () override
void initOperandInfo () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::VegaISA::VEGAGPUStaticInst
 VEGAGPUStaticInst (const std::string &opcode)
 ~VEGAGPUStaticInst ()
bool isFlatScratchRegister (int opIdx) override
bool isExecMaskRegister (int opIdx) override
int getOperandSize (int opIdx) override
int coalescerTokenCount () const override
 Return the number of tokens needed by the coalescer. More...
ScalarRegU32 srcLiteral () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::GPUStaticInst
 GPUStaticInst (const std::string &opcode)
virtual ~GPUStaticInst ()
void instAddr (int inst_addr)
int instAddr () const
int nextInstAddr () const
void instNum (int num)
int instNum ()
void ipdInstNum (int num)
int ipdInstNum () const
void initDynOperandInfo (Wavefront *wf, ComputeUnit *cu)
virtual void execute (GPUDynInstPtr gpuDynInst)=0
const std::string & disassemble ()
virtual int getNumOperands ()=0
virtual int numDstRegOperands ()=0
virtual int numSrcRegOperands ()=0
int numSrcVecOperands ()
int numDstVecOperands ()
int numSrcVecDWords ()
int numDstVecDWords ()
int numSrcScalarOperands ()
int numDstScalarOperands ()
int numSrcScalarDWords ()
int numDstScalarDWords ()
int maxOperandSize ()
bool isALU () const
bool isBranch () const
bool isCondBranch () const
bool isNop () const
bool isReturn () const
bool isEndOfKernel () const
bool isKernelLaunch () const
bool isSDWAInst () const
bool isDPPInst () const
bool isUnconditionalJump () const
bool isSpecialOp () const
bool isWaitcnt () const
bool isSleep () const
bool isBarrier () const
bool isMemSync () const
bool isMemRef () const
bool isFlat () const
bool isFlatGlobal () const
bool isLoad () const
bool isStore () const
bool isAtomic () const
bool isAtomicNoRet () const
bool isAtomicRet () const
bool isScalar () const
bool readsSCC () const
bool writesSCC () const
bool readsVCC () const
bool writesVCC () const
bool readsEXEC () const
bool writesEXEC () const
bool readsMode () const
bool writesMode () const
bool ignoreExec () const
bool isAtomicAnd () const
bool isAtomicOr () const
bool isAtomicXor () const
bool isAtomicCAS () const
bool isAtomicExch () const
bool isAtomicAdd () const
bool isAtomicSub () const
bool isAtomicInc () const
bool isAtomicDec () const
bool isAtomicMax () const
bool isAtomicMin () const
bool isArgLoad () const
bool isGlobalMem () const
bool isLocalMem () const
bool isArgSeg () const
bool isGlobalSeg () const
bool isGroupSeg () const
bool isKernArgSeg () const
bool isPrivateSeg () const
bool isReadOnlySeg () const
bool isSpillSeg () const
bool isGloballyCoherent () const
 Coherence domain of a memory instruction. More...
bool isSystemCoherent () const
bool isF16 () const
bool isF32 () const
bool isF64 () const
bool isFMA () const
bool isMAC () const
bool isMAD () const
virtual void initiateAcc (GPUDynInstPtr gpuDynInst)
virtual void completeAcc (GPUDynInstPtr gpuDynInst)
virtual uint32_t getTargetPc ()
void setFlag (Flags flag)
const std::string & opcode () const
const std::vector< OperandInfo > & srcOperands () const
const std::vector< OperandInfo > & dstOperands () const
const std::vector< OperandInfo > & srcVecRegOperands () const
const std::vector< OperandInfo > & dstVecRegOperands () const
const std::vector< OperandInfo > & srcScalarRegOperands () const
const std::vector< OperandInfo > & dstScalarRegOperands () const

Protected Attributes

InFmt_SOPP instData
- Protected Attributes inherited from gem5::VegaISA::VEGAGPUStaticInst
ScalarRegU32 _srcLiteral
 if the instruction has a src literal - an immediate value that is part of the instruction stream - we store that here More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from gem5::GPUStaticInst
const std::string _opcode
std::string disassembly
int _instNum
int _instAddr
std::vector< OperandInfosrcOps
std::vector< OperandInfodstOps

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gem5::GPUStaticInst
typedef int(RegisterManager::* MapRegFn) (Wavefront *, int)
- Public Attributes inherited from gem5::GPUStaticInst
enums::StorageClassType executed_as
- Static Public Attributes inherited from gem5::GPUStaticInst
static uint64_t dynamic_id_count
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gem5::VegaISA::VEGAGPUStaticInst
void panicUnimplemented () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 160 of file op_encodings.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Inst_SOPP()

gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP::Inst_SOPP ( InFmt_SOPP iFmt,
const std::string &  opcode 

Definition at line 380 of file

References instData, and gem5::GPUStaticInst::setFlag().

◆ ~Inst_SOPP()

gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP::~Inst_SOPP ( )

Definition at line 389 of file

Member Function Documentation

◆ generateDisassembly()

void gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP::generateDisassembly ( )

◆ initOperandInfo()

void gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP::initOperandInfo ( )

◆ instSize()

int gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP::instSize ( ) const

Implements gem5::GPUStaticInst.

Definition at line 418 of file

Member Data Documentation

◆ instData

InFmt_SOPP gem5::VegaISA::Inst_SOPP::instData

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